Components By Design, Inc. offers a complete range of CNC routing services. From simple parts to complicated 3D machining, we will take on any project to help you add value to your product.

Components By Design, Inc. has over 15 years experience with CNC routers and CAD / CAM software and exists to help your complex projects become simple.  We are experienced in machining parts from both panel material and solid wood.  Our experience also includes working with PVC extruded sheet, acrylics, aluminum, and solid surface.  Our CNC solutions are suited for Cabinet Makers, Architectural Woodworkers, Building Suppliers, Sign Makers, Plastic Fabricators, etc.   If you only need a machine part-time, let us provide that service and expertise.

Our typical customer has the following needs:

Cost Savings – Take advantage of the speed and accuracy of CNC equipment without the added cost to your shop

Increased Capacity – Meet or smooth out scheduling fluctuations to keep your customers happy without adding staff or costly equipment

Complicated Becomes Simple – Utilize technology to stay competitive in today’s markeplace

Short Runs Become Profitable – Our CNC services can handle the small projects that cause machine setup headaches.  Let our ability with CNC make life easier for you.